What I can do for you:

Communication & Marketing Services

I advice you and your organisation in Marketing and Communication strategy to support your project and archive your goals.
I propose also a range of communication and Marketing services:

  • Writing of your messages for an e-mailing campaign or for the promotion of your events, on all types of digital support and print.

  • Social media management.

  • The support with the development of pitches, press releases, blogs, articles, and other press materials.

  • Marketing support for your campaign ( content, target audience, market study...)

After having defined with you your needs / objectives, we agree on the mission and the objective of your communication. 
We see together the priority of your communication and establish a plan and a strategy, most adapted to your objective.

Visual identity & Branding

The brand and visual identity services I offer you, as a start-up, association or entrepreneur…is to support you to define your ID and put in place a strategy to grow your visibility. When you are ready and have a clear view of, who you are and, what you want to be, we debrief and I propose you several possible designs and a strategy for your visual ID.   

What is Branding?

Branding is part of the process involved in the creation of a unique name and image of your products/services in the consumer’s mind. Branding is what will help identify and differentiate your product or service on the market, attract customers and gain visibility.

What is Visual Identity? 

Your visual identity is; your logo, imagery, typography, colors, and creative design.
The visual identity must serve your brand and activity, so it's directly linked to your offering to the consumers.
Your brand identity is unique and it’s the DNA of your Business or Association.
When you start a new Business or if you want to grow your activity it is important to analyze the components of your brand/visual identity.

Design for Prints

I create your print-ready design, artwork, and your design concepts.

I can be designed from your draft, or I can propose a concept based on your ideas.

I can create your business card, cover book, flyer, brochure for all types of use.

Event Management

The implementation of an event is exciting but is often stressful, because it is necessary to take into account various elements and sometimes some of them can be complicated to anticipate. 

With more than 10 years of experience in organizing small and major events for corporate industry and associations,

I can support you with the management of your event on various levels, according to your needs such as:

  • Retro-planning management

  • Management and/or contact with the suppliers, the hotelkeepers...

  • Research of rental sites

  • Creation of communication materials  for social media, e-mailing...

  • Support on-site

  • Advice for online registration platform...

Digitale Support

I have some experience in the creation of websites with web editors, such as Wordpress, Wix..., and with the creation of websites with Dreamweaver. So I can offer you a support to create your professional website and blog.

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