Communication is essential process in your day to day activity and business, but it’s also exchanging words, ideas, concepts and you can communicate through a logo, an image, an illustration.
Your brand identity, your visuals, and logo must serve to ensure your visibility and reflect your identity, values and your objectives.


As success of your business/activity depends largely on how you communicate with the public, the techniques and tools used to achieve the intended purpose are important. 
If you want to make the difference, you must pay particular attention to the image and the message you want to send.


My role as "Creative Designer, Marketeer, Communication & Branding Adviser" is to create visuals that will reflect your ideas or projects and to set up a specific marketing strategy and communication, adapted to your needs (digital communication, printing,e-mailing, the organization of events ...), but also to help you to identify and create your brand identity which will be the thread of your project.

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